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Boston Debt Collection Lawyers

We specialize in the collection of delinquent accounts, debts, domestic Judgments, foreign judgments and non judicial decisions!

Cellai Law Offices, P.C. is a group of collection attorneys who have extensive experience – and an exceptional success rate – in business-to-business and general debt collection. We work with individuals, small businesses and large corporations to recover the money that is owed.

Cellai Law Offices, P.C. is an aggressive and innovative Boston based law firm that is nationally recognized for its commercial collections law, contract litigation and bankruptcy practice. Since the firm was founded in 1992, it has sought to give the highest quality service and individualized attention to each client.

Commercial Debt Collection

Cellai Law Offices, P.C. is a law firm with over twenty years experience in commercial debt collection. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. aggressive debt collection strategies are designed to seek to obtain your recovery in a minimum amount of time. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. has successfully recovered monies on out of state Judgments, accounts receivables, construction contract, promissory notes and many other forms of debts. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. applies all of the rights and remedies that the Court system allows to quickly, effectively and aggressively pursue and collect your debt.

Breach of Contract

Cellai Law Offices, P.C. is a law firm with over twenty years experience prosecuting and defending breach of contract actions. Our experience in being on both sides of breach of contract cases gives us unique insight into the effective prosecution and defense of breach of contract actions. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. has litigated breach of contract actions in many forums and for many different types of claims. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. has litigated a significant amount of cases in its twenty hear history, including goods sold and delivered, breach of consulting agreement, fees for independent contractors and complex construction matters.

Whether you are a multinational corporation, small business or individual, you and your matters will receive individualized attention, practical advice, creative solutions and excellent personal service. Contact us today for a Legal Consultation

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